Dead Drop


Production code
October 20 2002
Written by
Jesse Alexander
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Guy Bee

Dead Drop is the 4th episode of Season 2 of Alias and the 26th episode overall. Sydney's dealings with her mother lead Jack to take drastic measures to ensure his daughter's safety. Meanwhile Will is confronted by a mysterious woman about resurrecting his story on SD-6.

Plot Overview[]

As Sydney struggles underwater, she takes the gun of a drowned henchman and fires through the ice. Dixon helps pull her through.

At the SD-6 offices, Sydney tells Sloane that although Sark got away with the music box, it was corroded anyway. Sloane wonders why Rambaldi placed the artifact in ice. Later at the CIA, Kendall refuses Jack's wish to have Irina removed. When Sydney confronts Jack, he says he worries about the emotional aspects of their dialogue and warns Sydney that she wants a mother.

Sloane tells Jack about the mysterious phone call from the B&B and has Dixon investigate. He also says that SD-6 retrieved the corroded music box from Sark's safe house in the Falkland Islands, where they also found a man named Klaus Richter, who was seriously ill from a serum that Sark had administered. Jack interrogates Richter and learns that he had designed a map to lead Irina to The Bible, which he had hidden in a remote location. The map, we learn, is hidden in a 1st edition of War and Peace in a Moscow military library.

To prevent Sydney from seeing Irina, Jack gives Sydney a fake map which will lead SD-6 to the Sunken Forest — before she's given the SD-6 mission and the CIA counter-mission. Sydney says all she wants out of Irina is enough info to bring down SD-6 and get her out of the spy game.

In rehab, Will meets Rebecca Martinez, a conspiracy theorist who presses him to continue his expose of SD-6. Will refuses. Later she meets with Sloane; she's SD-6, and was sent to test Will. Dixon then returns with the B&B registry — signed by Emily!

Irina tells Sydney how to get to the map in exchange for her earrings and expresses worry. Meanwhile, an upset Jack tells the CIA psychiatrist that he's afraid of losing his daughter. Vaughn offers Sydney his unconditional support and the two share a moment.

Sydney appears in Moscow disguised as a military officer and, using an electronic skeleton key fashioned from a medal, she finds the book and retrieves the map. Suddenly Sark appears and offers her a chance to work for him. Naturally, Sydney declines and escapes Sark, only to become trapped in an office by Russian guards. Sydney desperately calls Vaughn and has him enlist Irina to get her out. Irina alerts Sydney to a secret passage, which she uses to escape.

Later, Irina decodes the map, which reveals that The Bible is in a house in Madagascar. Kendall sends Vaughn and Sydney, over Jack's objections. Jack privately hatches a plan and has the building rigged with explosives. As Sydney and Vaughn arrive, Sark's men overtake them and enter the building, which explodes. As a result, Kendall has Irina taken to Camp Harris for unrestricted interrogation. A heartbroken Sydney tells Jack that he was right about Irina and apologizes for doubting him.



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  • In the FAPSI lobby, both Sydney and the security guard are seen wearing the order of the Red Star. The guard claims to have recieved it after having been involved in the same incident as McKenas Cole (which took place, in 1996). However, that order (along with all other Soviet medals and orders) stopped being used in 1991.
  • In Moscow, Sydney, the security guard (who's on ordinary guard duty), and Julian Sark, are all seen wearing medals. In reality, military personal don't wear medals on a daily basis. Ribbons are used to represent the medals on their uniforms while the medals themselves are worn solely on ceremonies.
  • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, while Sydney is underwater her white head band floats off her head while she is pulling a gun from a bad guy, but in the next shot, it is firmly on her head again.

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  • City Hall - 200 N. Spring Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA


  • Oh Do Not Fly Away by The Innocence Mission
  • Stay by Michelle Featherstone was changed by netflix but was in the tv and dvd one.
  • When Its All In Pieces by Rachael Diggs

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