Production code
March 30 2003
Written by
Sean Gerace
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Perry Lang

Endgame is the 19th episode of Season 2 of Alias and the 41st episode overall. Sydney defies her father in her attempt to rescue kidnapped scientist Neil Caplan, while Sloane, seeking revenge for the assassination of his wife orders that Dixon's wife be taken out. Meanwhile, Allison in the guise of Francie manipulates an unsuspecting Will for his agency connections.

Plot Overview[]

Emily's body is delivered to Marcus and Sydney, where Marcus announces that he plans on transferring to another section of the CIA. Sydney tries to comfort Marcus by telling him it isn't his fault Emily's dead, but he still decides to transfer.

Meanwhile, Irina informs a distant Sloane that the CIA may be tracking them, but Sloane doesn't care. He wants to gather satelite image of Tuscany to find out who murdered his wife. Sark shows up and tells them that he was able to download a copy of the database.

Back at CIA, Sydney questions her father as to why they have no knowledge of Arvin or Irina's locations and suggests that they should make a move, but her father goes against it.

Sydney pays a visit to the recently captured Elsa Caplan and suggests that she joins a hypnotic group due to lack of information. Elsa, angered that she thinks she has done enough for her husband, retrieves her son and leaves. Irina informs Neil that they still need his help in decoding the software. Neil, hearing no information about his family, tells her to simply kill him because he thinks his family's already dead. Irina tells Neil to call his family to confirm their safety, which he does. Neil eventually complies with Irina.

While working at her house with Vaughn, she discovers that three calls were made to Neil's house by a man named Gregory Ivanov. Sydney goes to Elsa's house and informs her that her husband may have been working for the Russian SVR (the equivalence to the CIA). Upon hearing this information, Elsa tells Sydney that her husband's going to die because she implanted a suicide pill in his skin. Sydney realizes that Elsa is also working for the SVR and was assigned to perform this act and that she just committed treason because she loves her husband.

Sydney tells her father that Neil is going to die and they should rescue him, but Jack thinks the information is faulty so he doesn't go along with the plan. Sydney tells him that a cyanide pill may be in his skin, but Jack simply says that if it has been activated, he'll simply die.

Sydney visits Elsa in the holding cells of CIA and covertly tells her that she plans on rescuing her husband alone, retrieving the code needed for the tracking chip of the cyanide pill.

Neil, fed up with constant complaints from Irina, tries to strangle her to death after she threatens his family once again. Arvin shoots him in the leg and holds a gun to his head, but he tells Sloane he doesn't care if he dies anymore. Irina manages to take Sloane away and saves Neil, stating they still need him. After the attack, Arvin calls Allison and asks for a request.

Marcus informs his wife that he's transferring to another division, like Texas or D.C. She asks him why and says it's not his fault for what happened to Emily, but he says he's transferring for the love of his wife and children.

While driving to a drugstore, Sydney is trailed by the CIA. However, after she buys a few items from the store, she changes her appearance and joins a group of sorority girls after giving Michael a code. Michael confirms that she told him she plans on going to Russia to find Neil...after the CIA loses her trail.

Jack chatises Michael for losing Sydney and accuses him of being in league with her, but Michael holds his grounds and denies the accusation. Meanwhile, in Moscow, Sydney finds the black market dealer and asks him of the locating device. Before they could make the deal, Sydney had to ride a bull for 8 seconds, which she successfully did. She pays him $50,000 and he gives her the location.

Jack walks into Elsa's cell and chastises her for being another version of Irina, saying that he probably loves her son more than she does.

Sydney calls Weiss (after assuming Vaughn's phone has been tapped) who gives his phone to Vaughn, Sydney advises she tracked Neil to Saria, Spain. Vaughn decides he is going to join her to help. Weiss tells Vaughn that if Jack finds out, he's placing the blame all on him to avoid jail time.

After making out on the couch, Allison alters Will's phone as he visits the CIA. He bumps into Marshall on the way and after a breif conversation, Allison calls. She asks him to find a recipe off of a cooking website. Unbeknownst to Will, Allison's downloading satelite images from the computer.

Meanwhile, Vaughn meets up with Sydney in Spain, armed and ready to rescue Neil. Back in Sloane's office, he watches his computer and looks over the satelite images over and over again. After finishing, he finds out that Marcus was the one who killed Emily. He calls Allison again and asks for another favor...

Neil asks why a person like Sark is working for Sloane, but he merely tells him that he's working for him to acquire something he never had. Elsewhere, Vaughn and Sydney assault the compound, shooting or knocking out any guards they ecounter. While Vaughn chases after Sark, Sydney finds Neil. She informs her that a cyanide pill is about to kill him and that his wife is working for the Russians. He already knows, and says he's working for the NSA. After learning that his wife implanted the capsule, Sydney cuts out the pill. Vaughn, who was chasing Sark through the building, loses his trail.

Even after finding out about each others' lives, Neil and his wife say they still love each other and begin to kiss each other shortly after Elsa is released. Meanwhile, Sydney reports to her father to leave Vaughn out of any punishmet for their betrayal and he agrees, saying if they do so again, he'll have their resignation. She also reports that they decrypted the algorithm Neil had in place and now know the location of Sloane and Irina.

While eating dinner with Sydney and Vaughn, Marcus announces that his wife rescinded the transfer order.

Back at CIA, Marshall tells Jack that someone downloaded the satelite images of Tuscany. At first, Jack thinks it was from a hacker, but Marshall tells him someone from the office acquired it.


Diane's SUV is detonated by Allison

Marcus, Vaughn, Diane, and Sydney leave the restaurant. After saying goodbye, Diane travels in her SUV while Marcus decides to leave in his car. Suddenly, Diane's car bursts into flames and Marcus, Vaughn and Sydney are thrown off their feet. Several onlookers rush to the explosion, including a horrified Marcus. While looking at the aftermath, Allison slides a detonator into her pocket and drives off.



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Changed in the Netflix version:

  • "Good Day" by Luce
  • "Rain City" by Turin Brakes
  • "Cannonball" by The Breeders

Unchanged in the Netflix version:

  • "Porushka-Paranya" by Bering Strait