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Guest Stars

Hector Aristizabal as Waiter
Cass Asher as German SD-6 Agent Schwartz
Sayed Badreya as Vendor
Jeff Chase as Sawari's Bodyguard
Maurice Chasse as Luc Jacqnoud
Haley Gilbert as Rachel
Soren Hellerup as Doctor
Arabella Holzbog as Laura Bristow
Subash Kundanmal as Dhiren Patel
Evan Parke as Charlie Bernard
Miguel Sandoval as SD-6 Agent Anthony Russek
Angus Scrimm as SD-6 Agent Calvin McCullough
Anthony Sears as German SD-6 Agent
Sarah Shahi as Jenny
Faran Tahir as Mokhtar
Gina Torres as Anna Espinosa
Alex Veadov as K-Directorate Officer
Bernard White as Malik Sawari

"Doppelganger" Episode: #1

Plot Overview

In the final moments of a cooperative mission, Sydney and her Russian nemesis Anna memorize a 500-year-old binary code written by Milo Rambaldi before it is destroyed. Sydney's inner conflict – as to whether she should give the correct sequence to SD-6 – is confronted by Agent Vaughn, who makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that her role as a double-agent is in constant jeopardy...
Then, in a moment of decision, they help an SD-6 associate, Declan, to escape an attack by feeding him escape coordinates via world-band radio...another sign that Vaughn's loyalties may occasionally lie outside the CIA.
The completed code represents a geographical location for a church in Málaga, Spain, where Sydney and Anna once again meet up – this time as opponents. Sydney bests Anna in a brutal fight, and recovers a gold circular crystal from the church's stain glass window.
She returns it to SD-6, where Marshall's analysis discloses a synthetic polymer, also invented by Rambaldi...The 15th century seer's progressive inventions now appear to be at the root of a much deeper mystery.
Sydney and Dixon are sent off on their next mission – to investigate a plot to eliminate the UCO. In Casablanca, Morocco, Sydney adopts the guise of a French-Canadian tourist.
In a crowded marketplace, she attempts to get near Luc Jacqnoud. The client is named Malik Sawari whose bodyguard has had a previous run-in with her. After a powerful battle, Sydney arrives to Dixon's aide, and is crushed to find that their contact, Mokhtar, has only just been slain -- another friend, whose life did not escape harm this time. At SD-6, Jack is interrogated by McCullough – but we reveal, in a dreamlike sequence, that a unspoken truth about Sydney's mother continues to haunt him. Meanwhile, Vaughn's feelings for Sydney, in a moment of briefing, show through even further – finally, when she breaks down to him about the heartbreaking conflicts in the career of a dual agent, Vaughn offers her his support as a friend. Meanwhile, Francie's suspicions grow of Charlie's infidelity, so she and Sydney stake him out, CIA-style, until they spy him kissing another girl. And Will unravels further clues about Danny's death and struggles with his own feelings for Sydney.
SD-6's latest clues lead Sydney and Dixon to São Paolo, the location of the next UCO conference, where Sydney witnesses the method to Jacqnoud's scheme. While Sydney observes, a small bomb is surgically implanted into the pacemaker of Patel, the Edgar Peace Prize winner, scheduled to speak at the UCO conference. Sydney, turns around, only to face a heavy blow to the head from the same bodyguard as earlier...


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