The Box (Part 2)


Production code
February 10 2002
Written by
Jesse Alexander and John Eisendrath
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Jack Bender

The Box (Part 2) is the 13th episode of Season 1 of Alias. Vaughn disobeys the CIA in order to infiltrate SD-6 and save Sydney. Sydney and her father continue with their rescue of their fellow co-workers, but matters are complicated when Jack is captured by the assailants. The megalomaniac McKenas Cole continues torturing Sloane in order to obtain a mysterious item stored inside the SD-6 vault. Elsewhere, Will continues to investigate SD-6 after he's given a key to a locker at the pier and meets with Kelly McNeil with regards to her mother's autopsy.

Plot Overview[]

Previously on Alias[]

  • Sydney tells Vaughn she wants nothing to do with the CIA anymore and wants out.
  • A team of mercenaries lead by McKenas Cole infiltrate SD-6 and takes everyone hostage.
  • While changing the vault codes, Sydney is spotted in the air shaft by Cole and his thugs, who are hot on her trail...

Episode Guide[]

Just when Sydney thought Cole's mercenaries were about to catch her, Jack shows up and tells Sydney to stay in the ventilation shaft. Sydney hears several grunts and shouts from beneath her, indicating they just captured Jack. After Sydney leaves, she finds a note her father left behind about where she needed to go to disable the C4 explosives. Sydney gears up and leaves.

Back in the hostage room, Dixon tells Jack he might be able to get to the PDA to e-mail Langley. Jack tells Dixon to do nothing and that Sydney is the only one who can save SD-6, informing him of the C4.

Sydney arrives at her first C4 charge and prepares to disarm it. Meanwhile, Toni is getting closer and closer to unlocking the vault while Cole is still torturing Sloane. Sloane chastises Cole for what happened to the men he lead to slaughter and in return, he inserts another needle into his arm. While Chopper talks to Gonov, Marcus acquires the PDA and sends the message to Langley for help. Weiss tells Vaughn about the message and he tells Arthur Devlin about it, while Steven Haladki tries to coerce Devlin to wait. Devlin agrees with Haladki, and Vaughn storms out of the office, ready to go into SD-6 himself. Vaughn tells Weiss if he's not back in a couple of hours, he's probably dead.

Toni gets closer and closer to unlocking the vault while Sydney begins to disarm the block of C4. While doing so, she comes into contact with Tchen and knocks him out. Back in the parking lot, Cole's spotter finds Vaughn patrolling the area. Vaughn tells him he's a federal agent and to step outside the van, but Vaughn knows he's with Cole and attacks him, shooting him with his gun. Vaughn calls Haladki and tells him he's at SD-6 alone and to tell Devlin to send backup. Meanwhile, Sydney tells Tchen to tell Cole over the radio he's just searching the area, but he tells her "Screw you." and she punches him in the face.

Back at Sydney's apartment, Will tells Francie that he abandoned his story about SD-6 until he was approached by McNeil's daughter and receives a key to a pier. Francie tells Will if she had the chance to help someone, she'd take it.

Cole is getting edgy after Tchen disappears and Toni reassures him that the vault is close to opening. She goes to look for Tchen herself. While Sydney is searching for the charge, she's surprised to find Vaughn there. Both of them reach the C4 charge and with carefully, steady hands, Sydney deactivates the charge...just in time for Toni to show up.

Toni takes them hostage and prepares to kill them, but Sydney and Vaughn subdue Toni and are ready to tie her up...when she confesses that she's British SIS and has been working undercover with Cole to get closer to The Man. Toni tells them that she'll tell her co-workers there was only one intruder and they proceed to tie her up and gag her.

Will arrives at the pier and opens a locker with the key he acquired and finds an envelope with pathology labeled on it. Weiss approaches Haladki and asks him what the situation with Vaughn was and Haladki simply tells him he's hysterical.

An irritated Cole tells Endo to find Tchen and Toni and to fix the problem. Endo finds a gagged Toni and releases her, where she keeps her word and tells him there was only one intruder. Sydney and Vaughn disarm the second set of C4 charges while Endo is hot on the intruder's tail. He finds the intruder hiding in a closet and shoots it several times...only to be horrified that he just murdered Tchen. After telling Cole he killed him, Sydney attacks him from behind. Cole gets on the intercom and tells Sydney that if she doesn't show herself, he'll start executing hostages, starting with Jack Bristow.

Sydney shows herself to Cole and is tied up by Ice. Vaughn realizes that Sydney was captured and contacts Weiss and the department begins to send their forces to SD-6, where he chastises Haladki for not listening to him earlier. Cole begins to talk to Sydney, first about his pleasure for bottles of champagne and then about the first time he met Sydney, where he was rejected on going on a date with him. Cole then wondered why she didn't want to kiss him when she was working for someone like Sloane and that he backwashed into the champagne, leaving her in the office.

Will meets with Kelly again and tells her he found information regarding her mother autopsy and not to stop pursuing SD-6.

Cole inserts another needle into Sloane's neck and Sloane finally finds out that Cole broke when he was captured. Cole tells Sloane over and over to shut up, but Sloane keeps telling him he cried like a baby and told them everything. While Toni was yelling at him to get to the vault, Cole shouted, "Shut up!" and shot her three times in anger.

Cole tells Chopper to execute them all and he and Ice tell the hostages to get to the wall. Sydney deploys a flash bang from Marshall's desk and everyone is freed, while Ice is subdued and Chopper is killed by Dixon. Jack rushes to Sloane and tries to get him free from his restrains but due to time, Jack is forced to cut off his right index finger.

Marcus and Sydney fail to subdue Cole and Jack rushes to deactivate the C4 falisafe, which he does just as Cole enters the vault. Inside, he finds a Rambaldi artifact and flees SD-6, only to be stopped when Vaughn and several CIA agents shoot at his escape van. Cole tries to run on foot, but Sydney appears from behind and viciously attacks him, kicking him in the face and knocking him out. Cole is taken into custody and Vaughn thanks Sydney, because she was the reason why they still have the Rambaldi artifact.

Sydney returns to the office and asks Sloane if he's alright, which he replies no. She talks to her father and Jack asks her what she said to Sloane. She answers by saying she'll be back tomorrow in the morning. Jack smiles and leaves Sydney standing in the SD-6 building while her co-workers begin to repair.



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  • Goof: While interrogating Sloane, McKenas puts a Fire Needle into his neck. When he shoots Toni, the needle is still there, after he checks Toni’s vital’s the needle’s gone. Then when Jack gets Sloane out of the chair, the needle is back in his neck.
  • Goof: While Vaughn is removing the bolts with the fire extinguisher, the top left bolt is gone, but in the next cut, it’s back there again. edit »
  • Number 47: Dixon's Employee ID is 8736B. (8 * 7 = 56, - 3 = 53, - 6 = 47)
  • Quentin Tarantino is billed as a Special Guest Star.

Aliases Used[]

  • "Baby" is one of Toni's aliases.



  • "Rockaway" by Jesse Harris and The Ferdinandos
  • "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac

Allusions and References[]

  • Will: (holding a black wig) I looked like Gabe Kaplan.
Gabriel Kaplan, a.k.a. Gabe Kaplan, is an actor best known for his part as Gabe Kotter in Welcome Back, Kotter, a hit sitcom of the 70's which is why Kelly didn't know whom Will was talking about.
  • Visual: Ship named "Alba Varden"
The name of the ship where Will gets the envelope is the "Alba Varden". This is an in-joke reference to the same ship with the same name in the movie Lethal Weapon 2.
  • Haladki: (answering the phone) Extraction Teams "R" Us?
This is obviously a pun on "Toys R US," the massive toy store chain.


Marshall: Sloane gave me the finger.