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Truth Be Told

Que a Verdade Seja Dita

Codigo de Produção
Data que foi ao Ar
30 de Setembro de 2001
Escrito por
Estoria de
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Truth Be Told é o primeiro episódio da primeira temporada e o primeiro da série toda. Sydney Bristow descobre que seu trabalho como agente para SD-6, uma divisão secreta da CIA, esconde alguns segredos mortais que afetam a segurança do mundo livre. Ela revela seu segredo para o noivo, Danny, que depois é assassinado.

Plot Overview[]

Sydney Bristow, a vivacious, athletic grad student, discovers that her not-so-typical after-school job as an agent for SD-6, a top-secret division of the CIA, holds some deadly secrets that not only puts her life in danger but also threatens the security of the free world...

Recruited her freshman year, the then shy and lonely Sydney jumped at the chance to add some meaning and excitement to her life. Little did she know how great she’d be at espionage or how much she’d love it. Today Sydney is no longer shy or alone. Her boyfriend Danny has just proposed and her best friend Francie couldn’t be happier. Her friend Will, however, has to feign happiness, keeping his unrequited love for her to himself.

Sydney now finds herself facing a moral dilemma: What does she want for the rest of her life, and what does she tell her friends and would-be fiancé?

Sydney’s SD-6 partner, Dixon, a devoted family man, warns her not to reveal her secret to Danny, and Sydney knows that SD-6 leader Sloane would not look kindly on any breach of security. Even Marshall, SD-6’s highly inventive weapons and gadget maker — a super intelligent man with noticeably lacking social skills -- knows that divulging their identities is strictly forbidden. This is the one rule you don’t break.

When Sydney breaks protocol and tells Danny about her secret life, her world is spun terrifyingly sideways: Danny’s life is placed in mortal danger, and Sydney is in a fight for her own life. She discovers that her long-estranged father, Jack, is also an agent for SD-6 and that the organization is covering up a nefarious plan — they are not a branch of the CIA, but are actually an enemy of the United States. With nowhere else to turn, Sydney seeks the aid of the real CIA in hopes of putting SD-6 out of business. She is put under the command of operations officer Vaughn who enlists Sydney to become a double agent. Her mission is to complete her cases at SD-6 while reporting her findings back to the CIA. But when Sydney finds out that her father is also affiliated with the CIA, she begins to question where his true allegiances really lie.


Elenco Principal[]

Elenco Secundario[]

  • Edward Atterton como Daniel Hecht
  • Jay Gerber como Professor Mizzy
  • Angus Scrimm como SD-6 Agent Calvin McCullough
  • William Wellman Jr como Priest
  • Ric Young como Dr. Zhang Lee
  • Lorenzo Callender como Messenger
  • Greg Collins como Kenny
  • Vicki Davis como Intern
  • Lo Ming como Agent
  • Raymond Ma como Taiwanese Businessman
  • Miguel Nájera como Agent Gonzalez
  • Greta Sesheta como CIA Receptionist
  • Philip Tan Taiwanese Security Officer
  • Emily Wachtel como Beth at Airline Counter
  • Nancy Wetzel como Amy Tippin
  • Erik Betts (uncredited) as CIA Agent
  • Greg Grunberg como Eric Weiss (uncredited)
  • Ron Letterman como Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
  • Mark Newsom como Survellience Tech (uncredited)


  • SD-6 uses the cover of Credit Dauphine for its Los Angeles branch.
  • Danny proposes to Sydney on the quad at the college she attends. He starts off by singing "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations.
  • Dixon's wife's name is Diane.
  • Marshall is the first person to reference the number 47.
  • Danny references Sydney to have a baby one day, which she eventually does in Season 5.
  • Greg Grunberg appears in this episode as an uncredited CIA agent (Eric Weiss). Throughout all of the first season of Alias, for unknown reasons, Grunberg is uncredited for his work on the show.
  • Algumas das cenas desse episódio foram filmadas nos próprios sets de Felicity.

Disfareces Usados[]

  • Sydney Bristow: Sydney uses the alias of Amy Tippin.


  • A lighter that could disable any video for a 420 yard radius. It had four minutes of charge.
  • Lipstick that could take 42 picture and measure space in three axis from one vantage point. It could create an accurate blueprint of any building. It also had a short pulse laser.


  • Música Original - Michael Giacchino
  • You're A God - Vertical Horizon
  • Goin' Our Way - Gus
  • Never Grow Old - The Cranberries
  • Under The Gun - Supreme Beings of Leisure
  • Trouble - Cat Stevens
  • Here Comes The Flood - Peter Gabriel
  • Sofisticated - Stereo MC
  • No Man's Woman - Sinead O'Connor
  • Give You Back - Vertical Horizon

Alussoes e referencias[]

  • O cabelo vermelho de Sydney é uma referencia ao filme Corra Lola, Corra.

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