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29 de Setembro de 2002 - 04 de Maio de 2003
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A agente dupla Sydney Bristow enfrentará o maior desafio de sua vida quando sua mãe e inimiga, que todos pensavam estar morta há muito tempo, se entrega à CIA. Com a complicada mudança em sua relação com a família e o novo papel que seus amigos assumem em sua vida, o caminho de Sydney torna-se ainda mais complicado e perigoso.


Elenco Principal[]


# Image Title Airdate
01 201 The Enemy Walks In September 29, 2002
Sydney finds herself face-to-face with her mother, whose intentions for her daughter are made chillingly clear. Meanwhile Sydney continues her search for Vaughn, not knowing if he is dead or alive after being swept away by a wall of water in Taipei.
02 202 Trust Me October 6, 2002
Sydney must decide whether her mother's goodwill gesture was sincere or an attempt to kill her. Will witnesses Francie discussing her restaurant plans with a man whose affiliations are questionable, and Sloane is made a full partner in the malevolent Alliance of Twelve.
03 203 Cipher October 13, 2002
Sydney must outwit Sark in order to find a crucial piece of intel. Meanwhile, Jack faces Irina for the first time in almost 20 years. Will finally meets Vaughn and Sloane is haunted by his wife's death. Sloane, who drinks only water is seen drinking whiskey in his office.
04 204 Dead Drop October 20, 2002
Sydney's dealings with her mother lead Jack to take drastic measures to ensure his daughter's safety. Meanwhile Will is confronted by a mysterious woman about resurrecting his story on SD-6.
05 205 The Indicator November 3, 2002
Sydney discovers a terrifying secret when she's sent on a case to track down a new generation of weapons. Meanwhile, Vaughn suspects Jack of setting up Irina to take a fall. Sloane tells Jack the truth about Emily's death.
06 206 Salvation November 10, 2002
Sydney's trust in her father begins to fade. Meanwhile, Sydney and Vaughn may have been exposed to a deadly virus while in Taipei; Sloane, haunted by Emily's death, begins to unravel. Vaughn enlists Will to help research a case.
07 207 The Counteragent November 17, 2002
Sydney races to find a cure for Vaughn, but in order to find the antidote, Sydney must make a deal with Sark that could endanger Sloane's life. Meanwhile, Will continues his research for Vaughn and discovers some disturbing inconsistencies involving 20-year-old standardized IQ tests.
08 208 Passage (Part 1) December 1, 2002
Sydney, Jack and Irina must put aside their differences and go undercover as a loving family in order to seize six nuclear warheads from an abandoned facility in Kashmir. Meanwhile, Sloane announces to a suspicious staff that Sark will be working with SD-6.
09 209 Passage (Part 2) December 8, 2002
Sydney and Jack continue on a mission to take control of six nuclear warheads. Irina meets up with Gerard Cuvee and we discover where Irina's loyalties lie. Meanwhile, Sloane informs the Alliance that Emily may still be alive.
10 210 The Abduction December 15, 2002
Jack meets Alliance counterintelligence head Ariana Kane, who is sent in to investigate Emily's disappearance and to discover who is trying to blackmail Sloane. Meanwhile, Marshall is sent on his first mission with Sydney as his partner.
11 211 A Higher Echelon January 5, 2003
After completing his first mission with Sydney, Marshall's life is placed in mortal danger. Meanwhile, Ariana Kane suspects Jack as being the prime suspect in the disappearance of Sloane's wife.
12 212 The Getaway January 12, 2003
While Alliance counterintelligence head Ariana Kane tracks Sydney in order to catch her fugitive father, Jack elicits Irina's help in finding Sloane's blackmailer. Meanwhile, Sydney and Vaughn risk exposing their covers to SD-6 when they share a romantic dinner together
13 213 Phase One January 26, 2003
Sydney and Jack are confronted by the new director of SD-6, one Geiger, who replaces Sloane, whose whereabouts and intentions are unknown. Sydney and Vaughn lead the team to raid SD-6 and shut down the Alliance.
14 214 Double Agent February 2, 2003
Sydney, Vaughn and Jack must determine whether CIA agent Lennox is who he says he is after his deep cover mission is compromised in Berlin. It is discovered that an agency has built a machine capable of replicating a human being's appearance.
15 215 A Free Agent February 9, 2003
Sydney must make a life-defining decision regarding her future with CIA, while Sloane re-emerges and continues his obsessive quest to piece together the mysterious Rambaldi artifacts -- with the reluctant aid of a kidnapped scientist named Neil Caplan.
16 216 Firebomb February 23, 2003
Vaughn begs Dixon to aid the CIA in rescuing Sydney, Will is called upon to participate in a crucial CIA briefing session, and Sydney notices that something with Francie is not quite right.
17 217 A Dark Turn March 2, 2003
Sydney begins to question where Vaughn's allegiances lie when she learns through CIA Agent Yaeger that he is under investigation. Meanwhile Irina and another crucial Rambaldi manuscript --this one about the secret of eternal life-- are used as bait to try to catch Sloane.
18 218 Truth Takes Time March 16, 2003
Sydney faces off with her mother, while Emily must decide whether to side with her husband or betray him.
19 219 Endgame March 30, 2003
Sydney defies her father in her attempt to rescue kidnapped scientist Neil Caplan, while Sloane, seeking revenge for the assassination of his wife orders that Dixon's wife be taken out.
20 220 Countdown April 27, 2003
A Rambaldi manuscript prophesizes that an apocalyptic event involving a heart will soon take place. An agent is sent after one man in Panama in order to steal his heart. Dixon's grief leads Vaughn and agency psychologist Dr. Barnett to question his intentions.
21 221 Second Double May 4, 2003
Sydney begins to question Will's identity when he's arrested for espionage, under suspicion of being a double. Meanwhile Sark and Irina plot to recover the Di Regno heart, and Sloane makes Jack a business proposal.
22 222 The Telling May 4, 2003
Sydney finally confronts her mother, who reveals her true motivation. Sloane, for his part, begins to execute his new grand plan and Will struggles to figure out who's behind his set-up.

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